About us

 You can’t change your body without Nutritional knowledge, after all food is the key ingredient for both mental and physical health... I started lifting weights a few years back and doing a lot of cardio hoping to lose weight. I was extremely frustrated to see that all the work I was putting in was nowhere to be seen. It wasn’t until I decided it was time for a lifestyle change; time to eat clean and eat right, that I began to see changes. I was surprised to learn how little I actually knew about nutrition and everything that was going into my body.

After years of reading book after book, consulting with dietitians and nutritionists, getting advice from bodybuilders, I learned the science behind changing your body composition. I applied it to my own life and ended up winning 1st place in an IFBB bodybuilding competition. After gaining personal experience and helping others around me, I decided it was time to encourage, empower, and guide others into finding balance in science-based nutritional meals.


Our mission

Clean eating isn’t about dieting or restricting. It’s about learning to love the food you eat, and the way it fuels you. This is the most sustainable path to Long term results. Whether looking for meals to lose weight, eat healthy, or feel fit we have a plan for you. It all starts with great natural food. No more stressful planning, preparing or time wasted shopping.

Most importantly, no more restriction or fad workouts. We are here to help you create healthy eating habits. Your schedule should never jeopardize your goals! We aim to make eating healthy and losing weight as tasty and convenient as possible.

Weekly Meal plans tailored to your nutritional needs Monday - Friday

    1 Meal a day - $45

    2 Meals a day - $85

    3 Meals a day - $100


    “Today more than 95% of all chronic disease is caused by food choice, toxic food ingredients, nutritional deficiencies, and lack of physical exercise.”

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