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Deco Home Fully Automatic Portable Washing Machine, 1.8 cu. ft., 16lb Capacity, 10 Smart Cleaning Programs, Water Inlet and Drain Pump

Deco Home Fully Automatic Portable Washing Machine, 1.8 cu. ft., 16lb Capacity, 10 Smart Cleaning Programs, Water Inlet and Drain Pump

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  • Deco Home Portable Automatic Washing Machine
  • Water Inlet Installation Kit
  • User Manual
  • User Guide

All of the features of a full-size washer fit into a compact and space-saving design!

Perfect for smaller living areas that don’t have the space for a full-size washing machine . the Deco Home 16LB Portable Automatic Washing Machine is a great solution for compact spaces such as apartments . dorms . and more. Enjoy fully automatic and carefree washing utilizing its many features found on larger machines.

Able to wash up to 16 pounds of laundry at a time . power through . shirts . jeans . socks . and much more without having to trek to your closest laundromat. A sturdy steel inner tub agitates and spins clothes removing odors and deeply engrained stains. 

With 10 smart cleaning programs . this washing machine is simple to use. Ensure you are within the weight limit . make sure your clothes are evenly distributed and select desired cleaning modes ranging from delicate to heavy duty.

When you’re done washing . this washer is able to run spin dry programs to remove most of the water in your clothes allowing for faster times when hang drying. An attached drain hose is easily set into a sink or tub drain to remove dirty water hassle-free. We also include a water inlet installation kit so the machine can automatically draw water when in use!

Complete with plenty of safety features . this washing machine uses child safety locks . unbalance detection to protect the integrity of the appliance . and auto-shutoff. Follow the included user guide and you’ll be able to focus on clean clothes instead of frustration and trips to the laundromat.


Product Highlights

Automatic Compact Home Washing Machine

Just under 3 feet tall . this compact washer offers tons of features without taking up too much space

High Capacity Cleaning and Spin Cycles

With a 1.8 cubic foot inner tub . easily wash and spin dry up to 16 pounds of clothes at one time.

Smart Sensing Makes Washing Easier

Included washing programs automatically sense water levels and provide 10 smart cleaning modes . from delicate to heavy-duty

Built-in Safety Features

Automatic unbalance detection ensures appliance safety and peak performance. Also included are auto shutoff safety features and child lock protection

Simple Installation 

Each unit comes with a complete water installation kit with multiple quick-connect options and a drainage hose



Rated Wash/Spin Capacity: 16lbs/1.8 cu. ft.

Wash\Spin Power: 310W

Net Weight: 41.9 lb

Gross Weight: 48.5 lb

Product Dimensions: 19.7 x 19.9 x 33.7 in

Washing programs: 10

Water levels: 4

Washer Lid Material: Plastic lid

Fuzzy Control: YES

Child Lock: YES

Air Dry: YES

Cabinet Material: Plastic

Damping Lid: NO

Motor Type: Copper-Clad Aluminium Motor

Water Inlet: 1

Water Outlet: 1

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